Working from Home? 5 Tips to Look Good


COVID-19 has changed the way we do many things, including how we work. With virtual apps becoming more popular, working from home has become the new reality we have to get used to. But does working from home mean saying goodbye to looking good and staying healthy? Certainly not! Today, we share a few practical tips on how to maintain a good appearance and attitude while working from your comfort zone.

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One way to keep yourself organized and still find time to pay attention to your appearance is to develop a morning schedule that you consistently stick to. What are the top 3 things you need to do after you get up from bed? These should also include some regular activities that’ll help you observe good hygiene, which is especially very important now thanks to the times we face. So, it’s time to build that routine, whether it’s some morning exercise, a good breakfast, some meditation, a hot shower, or getting dressed for that virtual meeting. This is also the perfect time to set some goals, to help you check how fruitful you were during the day. Our scented candles and reed diffusers help to make your morning even more relaxed and help set the tone for your day.

  1. Stay Positive

In every cloud, there’s indeed a silver lining. The pandemic has been tough on many aspects of life, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still look out for the best in every situation. Take a few moments to reflect on a few things you can at least be thankful for, including more time with family now (thanks to staying home) and a chance to think outside the box on what you can do to make the most of your time indoors. Making a conscious decision to have a positive attitude no matter what will reflect in how you do your work and relate to colleagues and customers over the phone.

2. Dress up and show up

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Working from home presents a temptation to forget about how we appear during our virtual meetings. If you’ve ever forgotten to comb your hair, wear at least a presentable top or touch up your face for that virtual meeting, you’re not alone! Looking good takes extra effort during these times, as it takes a lot of willpower to get up and show up. Things may not be so normal now, but we can make the best of times. Remember, you can still make an impression from miles away. So, make it a point to look good. For example, a dab of lip balm could make all the difference you need to show that you’re ready to face the world and still look good while at it.

3. Take breaks

Your mental well-being is equally important now more than ever. Taking breaks during the day can go a long way in helping you feel refreshed enough to carry out your tasks, especially if your job requires a little multitasking. It could be just a few minutes to close your eyes and listen to some music or to drink some water or have a healthy snack. Pausing from all the hustle and bustle and numerous calls could help you reset and continue the day.

4. End in style

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How you end your day is as equally important as how you start it. This is the perfect time to put your laptop or devices away and have some “me time.” Being conscious of your post-work routine will also help you set clear boundaries between your work time and personal time. How do you like to wind down after a hard day’s work? Maybe it’s a skincare regimen you enjoy doing to pamper yourself, or perhaps a little foot massage with some scented oil to help relax your senses. You could also try reflecting on your day to see whether you achieved your set goals as well as what you can do better the next day. 

Hopefully, these tips will not only help keep you productive, but also keep you relaxed and looking good whilst at it. Don’t forget to stay safe!

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