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Shea Butter – The African Skin’s Best Friend 

African Virgin Shea Butter

African Virgin Shea ButterShea butter, the magic ingredient in most products for the African skin, has grown extremely popular over the years. Known for its thick and luscious nature, it is derived from the nuts of the Karite tree and is an all-round moisturizer that can be used for the skin, lips and even the hair. Believed to have originated from Africa, Shea butter can be used in its unrefined state or can be combined with other ingredients such as coconut oil etc in beauty products. It’s even known to be used in cooking in some parts of the world, but today we’ll just stick to why Shea butter is every African skin’s best friend:


Shea butter is perfect for keeping our skin moisturized especially in the dry season and helps to enhance or sustain the skin’s natural oils since it is easily absorbed by the skin. Whether it is applied on your hands, cracked heels or your body in general, it keeps your skin looking soft and radiant whilst protecting it from the harsh effects of dry weather.

Stretch Marks

Shea butter can improve and reduce the appearance of stretch marks because of its healing properties and richness in nutrients such as Vitamin A. This helps to reduce the damage done on the skin even when it stretches during periods like pregnancy or weight gain. It is also believed to help improve the appearance of scars and to help them heal naturally when constantly applied.

Protective Properties

Shea butter can also play an essential role in protecting the skin from harsh rays of the sun, which is a plus especially in our naturally hot weather (say hello to your perfect, natural sunscreen!). A little amount applied to the nostrils and lips also helps to keep it protected from cracks and sores during harsh weather conditions.

Anti-Aging Properties

Rich in Vitamins A and E, Shea butter is known to keep the skin soft which in turn prevents it from easily wrinkling…which means youthful looking skin! Constant application helps to maintain the skin’s elasticity meaning less wrinkles around areas such as the eyes.

Baby Care

Raw Shea butter can be used on even the gentlest skin due to its mild nature, making it a friendly alternative for use on your baby’s skin without you having to worry about the effects of any chemicals on your baby.

Relaxing Effect

Due to its soothing effect, it can even be used for massages! It is widely believed that Shea butter when rubbed gently on the skin can help relieve muscle pain especially because of its anti-inflammatory properties.

Shea butter is a must-have in everyone’s beauty closet! Explore our range of Shea butter products (here). And remember, Shea butter is in its best state when its kept in an airtight container, safe from excessive heat and light.

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